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☯☆✮Nelson○ Male○ Welsh Corgi X Siberian Husky✮☆☯

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☯☆✮Nelson○ Male○ Welsh Corgi X Siberian Husky✮☆☯

Post by Nelson on Fri Oct 21, 2016 4:08 pm

☯Prefers Female☯
☯Welsh Corgi X Siberian Husky☯

Was born into a small household in Atlanta, Georgia. He was born alongside two sisters, Applejak and Delilah. His parents names were Persephone and Jax. After just three months they were all half starved and taken to the pound where they would stay for nearly six months. He would be adopted into a family and taken to Southern Maine, where he remains today. His siblings were less fortunate though. One was adopted from the pound and used for dog fights and would later be left in the streets and starve. The other got heart worms and was put down. As for his parents, they stayed in Atlanta with their owner and would be well taken care of. However his father would one day run off and was never seen after.

Nelson has a light brown color covering his back and sides, the back of his neck and head as well as at the base of his tale are a much darker brown. His belly and face are white with specks of grey. He had a collar but no longer needs it. He has long fur that is slightly wiry at the base but very smooth and soft towards the end. His ears are long and stand straight up. His tail is generally held up, wags often and is very fluffy. His paws are bigger than most dogs of his size but they are a bit smaller than the paws of other huskies. He is 27 pounds and 13 inches.

Loyal, patient, stubborn, intelligent, light-hearted, social, confident, inquisitive, athletic although he does not appear so, bold, extremely protective, outgoing.

Mother~ Persephone. Small because she is a Welsh Corgi. She was very protective of her pups yet very peaceful and light-hearted when around her family. Very patient as she had three small pups who were very active and playful.

Father~ Jax. A very large and protective dog as he was a Purebred Siberian Husky. Very strong and athletic and was very impatient which is why he spent very little time with his pups until they were older just before they were taken away.

Applejak~ Applejak received more traits from her mother's side so she was a smaller size and looked more like a corgi than a husky with a light brown fur covering her entire body. She had abnormally large ears and a longer tail than most corgis have. She was small but very aggressive towards anyone who tried to taunt her or hurt/ threaten her family.

Delilah~Delilah got more traits from her father. Therefore she was much larger than her two siblings and was more like a husky than a corgi. She was tall athletic and especially fast, much faster than any others in her family. Light gray fur covered most of her body besides a few patches of white on her face.




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Re: ☯☆✮Nelson○ Male○ Welsh Corgi X Siberian Husky✮☆☯

Post by Lilith on Sun Oct 23, 2016 5:01 pm

Have fun roleplaying

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