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The Clay River

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The Clay River

Post by Lilith on Fri Oct 07, 2016 10:47 am

The clay river rarely has humans, but when it does its often a few people coming for a drink and to swim. Swimming here could be dangerous, because just when you think you can touch the bottom, the clay could trap your foot. Animals are here often, as for its one of the easiest water sources.
Animals found here include; Bobcat, Canadian Lynx, Coyotes, Bears, Wolves, Dogs, Moose, White tail deer, and raccoons.

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Re: The Clay River

Post by Nelson on Sun Oct 23, 2016 10:15 pm

It's a bright and sunny day and Nelson has decided to go on outside for the day. He runs around outside through the woods, past the big rock and finds himself next to a river, a fairly wide one. "This must be the Clay River," he thought to himself. He began to pad forward to get a taste of the running water. He does not like it at all. "It's too muddy," he says aloud. He hears the sound of paws moving loudly and quickly from the rocks behind him. He spins around quickly to see a bobcat barreling toward him at full speed. The bobcat smashes into him only moments after he spins around. The are both hurled into the river and are being swept downstream. Nelson reacts by pushing the bobcat away the best he could and trying to swim to the shore. The bobcat begins to follow him. Nelson is rather far ahead of him and prepares to run as soon as he gets to the rocky shore. But as he gets to an area shallow enough for his feet to touch the ground, they become stuck. His feet are stuck in the clay at the bottom of the river. The bobcat swims faster, eager to get to Nelson and attack him once more. He struggles to wiggle his feet free of the clay. Sthuck! His feet are loose and he swims the rest of the way but the bobcat manages to get to the shore as well. Nelson runs as fast as his legs would carry him but the bobcat is quickly gaining. So instead he turns fast and plants his feet in the soft earth. The bobcat running full speed has no time to react and glances off of Nelson. His legs fall from beneath him and he lies on the ground in a daze. Nelson no longer runs but rather jogs to keep a good pace all the way home as it is quite a distance. But has good enough speed to not let the bobcat follow too closely if it gets up and decides to track him. One his journey home he picks up a few drinks from puddles resulting from rain the night before. He finally reaches home with a full belly after catching a rabbit. He sits on the porch and waits for the sun to go down before he goes back inside for the night. The next morning he wakes up and is put in the car. They are going to the beach!

(moves to THE BEACH from THE CLAY RIVER)

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